Zanies XTRM Game Over Tough Tug Pet Dog Toy by Pet Edge


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Engineered to withstand the heaviest chewers; the Zanies‘Œ XTRM Game Over Tough Tug is enhanced with double-stitched; strong nylon layers to stand up to the toughest chewing dogs. This incredibly durable toy is made with a water-resistant outer layer; a waterproof thermoplastic coated middle layer; and a canvas inner layer to resist biting strength. This toy also floats; making it a great toy around any body of water!
  • Water-resistant; high-density 900D outer fabric layer
  • Double-stitched seams with strong nylon edging to ensure durability
  • Waterproof thermoplastic coated inner layer
  • Canvas inner layer to enhance toy against biting strength
  • Floats for easy play around any body of water
  • Handles on either end provide great games on tug and fetch
  • Features the bold "Game Over" pattern
Product Dimensions:

Size Length Width
12 1/4"
7 1/4"
Large 15"
8 1/4"

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