Zack & Zoey Flutter Bugs Pet Dog Collars by Pet Edge


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No dog will be "bugged" by wearing a collar this fun! Featuring the brightly colored; stylized bumblebee or ladybug patterns; the Zack & Zoey‘Œ Flutter Bugs Collar is fully adjustable with a coordinating; dyed-to-match quick-release buckle for easy-on; easy-off and heavy-duty; nickel-plated D-ring for a secure leash attachment.

Sizing Information:

To determine the proper size; measure the circumference of pet"Žs neck and add 2".

Size Width Neck
X-Small 3/8" 6"-10"
Small 5/8" 10"-16"
Medium 5/8" 14"-20"
Large 1" 18"-26"

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