Orbee-Tuff‘Œ RecycleBALL‘Œ Value Pack Pet Dog Toy by Planet Dog


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The Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALL Value Pack is 100% RECYCLED; made from 1st qualitymaterial that would otherwise be discarded. Instead of discarding this material; Planet Dog "regrinds" it; that is; they take the excess material; regrind it; then mold it into another toy that is just as doggie-durable as the first. Both RecycleBalls are tied together with reclaimed climbing rope supplied by Planet Dog's Maine neighbor; Sterling Rope.

Buoyant; non-toxic; recyclable and rinses clean. Made in the U.S.A.

The RecycleBALLs are 2 1/2"D. Compatible with the Planet Dog Wood Chuck.

Planet Dog literally makes these toys based on what color scraps they have available; therefore; it is impossible to tell what color combinations we will receive in stock. The color combinations you will see most frequently are Purple; Black; Cream; and Green. We'resure your dog will love whatever color we send you!

Sit. Speak. Act.

2% of your purchase funds canine service programs. See your 2% in action at the Planet Dog Foundation.

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