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What Are the Benefits of Pet Clothes? is the one-stop shop for pet owners and animal lovers. We have a vast collection of adorable yet practical pet apparel, accessories, toys, grooming supplies, and more.

We all want the most for our pets. We always want them to be happy, safe, and, most importantly, look stylish! Make sure your fluffy best friend is always comfortable, and always remember to have fun with different designs.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of dog clothes, how to accurately measure your dog for sizing purposes, and why our selection of fashion is right for your pet and his or her unique personality!

The Top 5 Reasons:

  1. Regulates Body Temperature

This is self-explanatory; however, an outfit for your pooch can keep them comfortable and warm in the wintertime, and there are even clothes that help them in the summertime as well. Smaller pets or dogs with less fur can get cold on their walks just as we do! That’s why Furry Happiness sells cute and cozy hoodies and sweaters to keep them from freezing their tails off!

In the warmer seasons, try using hats to keep the sun out of their sensitive eyes. You can also try investing in cooling vests that can prevent pups from overheating. This is especially important if your pet is older or has health problems.

Mardi Gras Pet Dog Sweater by Rubie's Costume Co

  1. Protects Against the Elements

There will always be days of wind, rain, snow, and harsh sunlight. Shield your furry friend from the unavoidable weather with protective, water-resistant jackets and puffer vests.

New York Giants Water Resistant Reflective Pet Dog Jacket by Hunter

  1. Keeps Fur & Skin Safe from Harm

When exposing your dog to the great outdoors, there can be a ton of potential irritants like bugs, burrs, dirt, allergens, and natural debris. Prevent this with t-shirts that can give them some sort of protection when you take them hiking, camping, hunting, or even to the dog park! Not only will this make bathing and grooming a lot easier, but this can also be a solution for doggies that like to bite or chew on their own fur.

Michigan State Spartans Heather Grey Pet Dog T-Shirt by Hunter

  1. Safety Purposes

If your four-legged family member is trained off-leash, it’s always a good idea to put them in something that is colorful in case they wander off in crowded places and need something to help them stand out. This can be achieved through any of the apparel above or even a bold statement piece like bandanas as well as one-of-a-kind collars, leashes, and harnesses.

Zombie Hunter Pet Dog Bandana by Mirage Pet Products

  1. Includes Them in Family Events!

While this may seem trivial, it’s actually pretty important! Your dog is in the family just as much as everyone else, so why not make them feel that way? Dressing up your pet in festive gear such as jerseys for the big game will not only make them smile but will be a great Instagram pic or memento in the family album. We also have fancy accessories such as hair bows for weddings, parties, and other events that require a little spiffing up.

Peace Sign Pet Dog Barrette by Pet Edge

FYI! Pet fashion isn’t for every dog. Take their temperament, comfortability, and habits into consideration when purchasing different styles or types of accessories. If your dog seems irritable or uncomfortable, then clothing just may not be for them! Also, always keep in mind that if your dog is a notorious chewer, accessories may be choking hazards.

Find the Right Size – How to Measure Your Pet

Find the Right Size – How to Measure Your Pet

Start measuring at the neck, around where the collar rests, which is usually the widest area directly above the shoulders. Then, measure how long your pet’s back is from the base of the neck to the bottom of the tail. The most essential part to measure is their chest size. This can be done by measuring the broadest part of the chest (generally right behind the front legs).

Always go with the bigger sizes if you aren’t sure, so there is wiggle room!

Gift Ideas for All the Animal Lovers

Every Sports Fan, College Student, Graduate, Alum, Teammate, Athlete, Coach, Professor, Dad, Mom, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Son, Daughter, Grandpa, Grandma, Friend, Employee, and Neighbor will love any of our paw-some merchandise.

We are a top pet sports gear supplier for the NFL, NCAA, MLB, NCAA, MLS, and NHL. There are also military-friendly designs and other prints that anyone will adore. In addition, you will love our assortment of cute toys, bowls, beds, and grooming supplies!

There are tons of gifts for all the pet owners as well, such as car seat covers, home and garden items, signs, tumblers, key rings, and magnets.

They will appreciate all these pur-fect presents! Great for holidays like Christmas, “Howl”-o-Ween, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and other special occasions.

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